A Tax Accountant Who Is There For You

Filing taxes is a part of every small business’s routines. Walsh One Consulting as your tax accountant takes the worry and concern out of the process for you. We ensure that all returns are filed on time with exacting detail and full compliance to all tax regulations.

We stay up to date on the changes with all tax laws, apprising our clients of changes at the beginning of the year, when you can make a difference in both your business’s and your personal bottom line. It is our goal to ensure that you are set up for success early and that your business can benefit from all of the opportunities available.

CPA’s Focused on Your Future

Any business, whether it’s a start-up or a long-established company, will have a list of targets that need to be satisfied and problems that need to be addressed.

Walsh One is more than just a tax accountant, we are business consultants who can help you to reach those goals. With strategic, financial, performance and organizational guidance truly customized to your business, we can provide as much or as little support as you wish.

As a Tax Accountant we get asked: When it’s time to retire, who will buy my business? One of the most important decisions you will ever make is when to exit your business. We have developed a clear process for owners to fully monetize their business asset at the time of their choosing. We call it Transition Planning. There are many elements that make up a transition plan and it might take up to three years to get your business ready for sale at the best possible price. It is critical to get the business in a position where it is attractive to buyers and can achieve a sale price that will fund your lifestyle needs in retirement.

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