I've known Tim for several years and have grown to appreciate his keen insight and critical thinking skills.  His wealth of business knowledge and acumen is an asset to Lake County.

Marvin K. Bembry, Immediate past chair

Lake County Chamber

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Tim Walsh and Walsh One Consulting during my tenure as President of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.  Tim is a sharp, dedicated professional that has kept his finger on the pulse of the business community in Lake County. His knowledge and work ethic makes him a valuable asset to his clients.  He has always impressed me with his knowledge of business trends and his grasp of how to handle the challenges that many businesses face today.  On a personal note, Tim has been a mentor to me as Chairman of the Board of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.  He strongly supported my vision of a regional economic community across county and state lines; supporting my initiatives for multi-chamber and regional activities and events.  Tim sees the big picture and partnered with me to guide the Lake County Chamber of Commerce toward that end.

Lou Molitor, Executive Director

Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce

Tim Walsh has been my accountant for the entire time that I have been in practice and never fails to meet and even anticipate my needs.  I am hard pressed to think of Tim as “just” my accountant, in many ways he is a business partner to me.  He makes suggestions for growing the business, in operating more efficiently and in adding services that are both beneficial to the patients and income generating.  His advice is given in a manner that is both helpful and non-threatening and without exception in the past fifteen years, is always good advice!!!  He makes sure that my state and federal financial commitments are met and projects well for the future so that I feel that I have a good grasp of what to expect.  This foresight makes the business world a much kinder place and I feel blessed to have Tim on my side!!!

Dr. Joan M. Johnson, Chiropractic Physician 15 years, Solo practice

It's hard to find an accountant that is truly interested in the success of your business. Walsh One Consulting not only does our tax work, but they also consult with us on the growth of our business. I would recommend Tim without reservation.

Tim Conn, President

Image One Facility Solutions

Tim and I have served together on the board of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce for many years, as well as other civic organizations and committees. Tim is a wonderful leader and is very well respected. He is organized, strategic minded, persistent and has a great way of bringing people together. I consider Tim a true friend, as just about anyone that has ever spent much time with Tim would. If someone ever has the opportunity to do business with Tim Walsh, they would know right away what I am talking about--that he is someone you can trust and will enjoy working with.

David Sherman, Advertising Sales Manager

Sun-Times News Group

Tim is a trusted and valued advisor, both professionally and personally. Professionally, Tim's expertise and knowledge of how businesses develop and maintain profitable success has been an asset to me as an Executive. Personally, Tim is very approachable, so no question is too big or small as it relates to personal finance.

Jennifer Harris

I was very lucky to have my business passed on to Tim when my original CPA gave up her practice. Since 1998 Tim has kept me out of trouble by tactfully reminding me of filing deadlines that I am prone to ignore and by providing sound recommendations when consulted. Tim's staff also earn kudos for sharing Tim's high standards; together they deliver great work on time and at a reasonable cost. Hire Walsh One as your CPA.

Alice Jorgenson, President

Tim and I have several mutual clients. He is personable, thoughtful, and has an in depth understanding of his clients needs. He is an outstanding accountant/consultant. You can expect excellent service from his firm. Give Tim a call today to learn how Walsh One can help you grow your business.

Nathan Streeter, Commercial Relationship Manager

Associated Bank


Client Stories

Homelink Corporation

Founding Owner CEO/President, Joe Mlaka has worked hard to grow his innovative service business in which his team helps relocate families into temporary housing when they have suffered a catastrophe such as a fire, flood, hurricane, etc. They work directly with insurance companies and policyholders 24 hours a day to make sure the family is taken care of by immediately getting into a hotel and then a temporary home while they are displaced. Over the years, Homelink has counted on Walsh One to provide business consulting services as the business expanded. When Joe was ready to expand his business, he depended on Tim Walsh to guide the process. He now looks to a bright future of continuing business growth as he reaches goals and makes new ones.

Franchise Owner

When franchise owner, Tom, wanted to sell his business he hired Tim Walsh to handle not only the necessary details but also some “big picture” direction. In the end, the client was extremely pleased with the results and continues to consult with Tim as he considers his next possible franchise business.

Image One

When Barbara and Matt Condron started their window cleaning service in 1994, they had hopes of successfully working their business together and supporting their four children. They soon found that what they needed in order to grow their business, were a list of solid business goals to help them fulfill their dreams. Tim Walsh met with them and provided business guidance to help them succeed. They still count on him for all their accounting needs and any business issues that arise. Their successful business has allowed them to live the lifestyle they desired. Image One has been a thriving business for 15 years and looks ahead to a future of positive growth.

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