Extraordinary Partners for Your Business

For over 30 years, Tim Walsh, CPA and Senior Accountant of Walsh One Consulting, has been helping small to medium-sized businesses turn opportunities into fantastic results, while solving many of their everyday problems.

Headquartered in Gurnee, Illinois, the Walsh One Consulting team is comprised of professionals, each fully committed to helping our clients successfully reach their financial and personal objectives. To date, the clients we have helped encompasses a range of industries, including retail, construction, manufacturing, distribution, restaurant, real estate, professional services and not-for-profit.

Beyond Accounting and Taxes – Our Full Service Lineup

When it comes to the traditional accountant services you would expect from an experienced CPA firm, Walsh One Consulting will perform these with focused attention to detail and excellent client service. Accounting, auditing, succession planning, tax planning, payroll and bookkeeping, you can depend upon our talented team to deliver on time, accurate and meaningful results.

It is however, our nontraditional accountant services that can propel your business forward above and beyond the limitations of your market competitors. Whether it’s helping to clarify your business and personal goals, creating an action plan to achieve those goals, improving profitability and cash flow, installing management measurement and monitoring systems to improve performance, or a host of other services, Walsh One Consulting can be an extraordinary business partner for you.

Some of our clients ask Walsh One Consulting; My business is growing, but cash is tight. How can I fix this? There are times in the life cycle of any business, small or large, when cash is tight. How do you prepare for it? One way is to make sure you have adequate financial management systems working for you. Once the fundamentals are in place, we can help you implement achievable goals and monitor the ongoing performance of business to ensure your financial goals are being achieved.

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