Accounting Done Differently

Walsh One Consulting is a different type of CPA Firm, with a very different approach to working with owners of small-to-medium enterprises (SME).

For over 30 years we have refined our business and found that the best way to serve our business clients is to ensure that we ONLY have small to medium sized businesses for clients. This singular focus allows us to be available at every critical moment for our clients, never pulled away by the personal tax cycles and meeting our filing deadline 99% of the time.

We focus on building your business, and providing you the tools you need to be more successful. In our office we look at your current numbers, where you want to be, create a plan and work with you to help you to execute that plan, thus propelling your business to greater success.

More than a Tax Accountant

Many accountants will merely do your taxes and send you on your way, meeting once a year, maybe twice depending on the type of business you own. At Walsh One Consulting we want to provide you with more tools than just completing your taxes.

We work with your business to forecast for your upcoming seasons or years, helping you to set goals that will improve your business. We will do this multiple times a year to ensure we know and understand how your business is progressing and what we can do to help.

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